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Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

This is a true story of one of the biggest mistakes I made. One of my clients told me that they wanted a couple thousand followers by the end of the month. I knew the client had about 400 LinkedIn connections and a little over 300 followers at that point. I thought I needed some outside help to build up his following.

I purchased a service that promised over 1,000 followers in 2 weeks. What followed was a nightmare of foreigners, porn service providers and other sleazy folks following him. “Leilani, help! I’m getting flooded with new followers. Where are they coming from?”

I checked my client’s Twitter account and lo and behold, all sorts of folks whose tweets were in Russian, Spanish, Chinese and numerous other languages were following him. Plus a host of hot looking chicks with salacious tweets that made me blush. I was shocked at how graphic can you get in 140 characters or less.

I immediately asked the company to terminate the campaign and shut down the account. It took 3 days for the company to stop the onslaught of questionable followers. I cleaned up the account by not following or deleting the new friends as much as I could.

The hard lesson I learned is that you can’t buy friends. Take the time to nurture your niche, your brand and build your following. The people that choose to follow you should do so for a reason – they want to learn from you, teach you, connect with you or all of the above. They shouldn’t want to follow you just so you auto-follow and they gain numbers and look like an influencer on Twitter when they’re really a poser.


  1. Celeste Lindell |

    I absolutely agree! There’s no substitute for building a following organically. If you spend time interacting with your followers daily, that’s the real key.

    • Thanks Celeste! I figured out how someone who has 50K followers / 200 tweets / and following 49K is getting those numbers. It’s sad that people would rather buy followers than enjoy the journey of connecting with authenticity and sincerity on Twitter.

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