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Join Me on the Great Giveaway of 2011

“I will listen to this over and over again,” *Maureen said as I handed her the DVD called ‘How to Know the Will of God,’ by Pastor Steve Gray. I was planning to listen to that DVD myself but Maureen had explained the turmoil she was wading through wondering about God and His will. You would have thought I just handed her a million dollars when I gave her that DVD.

A few weeks before that, I gave a copy of “Follow the Fire” to a local businessman. “I read that in one week,” he said. “I loved it!” I realized as I drove away from my meeting with Maureen that we’re sitting on a treasure trove of teaching that needs to blanket the planet. In 2011, I want to give away a DVD or book every week to a friend or co-worker.

I’m calling it the Great Giveaway and I challenge some of my WRC friends and family to join me in the Great Giveaway. It’s the easiest way to evangelize! All you have to do is pick a DVD, music or book, buy it and give it to someone who’s hungry for more in their walk with God.

I dare you to join me on the Grand Giveaway of 2011. Will you join me?


  1. It will be nice to have it video taped it and put it on his web, we’ll listened and then post it on our facebooks pages and other sites as we are led. It will be time efficient and it will reaches masses in matter of seconds.

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