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Should My Business Use Social Media?

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I heard this question today during a webinar led by Luke Stowe who managed social media for the City of Evanston, Ill. The webinar was related to government agencies but I think what he said applies to business. He politely answered that a government agency should have a presence on Facebook and Twitter driven by strategy. The fact that the question was even asked surprised me. With over 800 billion people on Twitter and 900 million worldwide, someone on those social media channels is talking about your industry, product or service. When...

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How My LinkedIn Profile Became One of the Top Five Percent

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I just got an email notification today from LinkedIn stating that my profile was one of the top five percent viewed out of 200 million profiles.   I’m surprised because I probably spend less than 30 minutes a day on LinkedIn, but there are three things I’ve done that I think generates a lot of views. #1 Completed my profile. I’m amazed at how many profiles are not complete or the user doesn’t take advantage of some of the tools to build interactivity within their profile. Some tools that are underused in my...

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Crossing The Lines Of Social Media And Real Life

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If I could triple love a post I would it. A must read!

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Marketing Lessons from Santa

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  “Thanks for making this memorable,” Mike Kappel, sales and marketing director at the Hyatt-Regency smiled. Kappel left a meeting to meet Santa who showed up unannounced with a gift. The gift was a Christmas card holder purchased for 60 cents at a discount store. I’m sure Mr. Kappel receives tons of fancy gifts from vendors plying their wares during the holiday season. But that gift from a Santa on a crisp November afternoon made his day. I accompanied Santa aka Steve Dailey on a marketing blitz at shopping centers, major stores...

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Time Warner Cable KC Launches Contest on Twitter

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Time Warner Cable has launched a contest on Twitter with prizes such as a shopping spree, dinner or breakfast with Santa. To enter the contest, you need to follow Time Warner Cable on Twitter at @TWCable_KC and tweet using the hashtag #EnjoyHolidaysBetter with a tag to @TWCable_KC. Your tweet should mention why you should win the prize. The contest seems rather complicated for a social media contest with specific start and end dates and 3 different types of prizes. I’ve launched contests on Facebook and Twitter with the goal of...

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Pumpkin Patch and Much More

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A story about one of my clients, Carolyn’s Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch! Woo hoo!

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Handling Customer Emergencies on Twitter

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“I’ve been assaulted and I’m calling the police,” I read in a client’s Twitter stream. The person tagged my client in the post because it happened by their place of business. I can’t say the name of the client in this post but this shows the importance of literally monitoring your twitter stream while you’re business is operating.  I followed the person and then sent a direct message asking them to call me. I knew I couldn’t do anything policy-wise to fix her situation, but I wanted her to know that the company that I...

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Create Customers with Your Website

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Google is the number 1 search engine and 98% of users on Google are searching for a product or service. Usually the first link on Google is either to your Google places listing, yellowpages.com listing or a link to your web site. That next click could determine whether that person looking for your product or service walks through your doors to buy. I saw this firsthand when I was visiting a client’s office. My client asked the customer how he found out about his business. The customer responded that he used Google and clicked on the link to...

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